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Weather, or Not

It’s often lamented that Texas doesn’t have seasons, but this time of year we’re reminded just how much weather we have. You start out wearing shorts in the morning, only to need a winter coat by the end of the day.

Sunfinity Renewable Energy Logo

With weather on the mind, it was a fitting time to partner with our new client, Sunfinity Renewable Energy, a leader in renewable energy solutions for residential, commercial and utility scale installations. Eisenberg is assisting Sunfinity with the launch of a digital marketing campaign designed to create brand awareness and educate current and new markets to “go solar.”


Bowie Shovel Ready and City Of Mesquite Logo

Two Texas towns that are no strangers to the fickleness of Texas weather are the City of Bowie and the City of Mesquite. For Bowie, Eisenberg created roadside signage to promote land available for their industrial park. And for the City of Mesquite Economic Development, we will be creating a print campaign to attract investments in manufacturing, healthcare, and distribution & logistics.


Eisenberg and Associates Logo

The Texas weather may always be changing, but one thing that never wavers is our appreciation for the clients who allow us to do what we do best.