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We The People

Here’s to the season of swimming pools and American flags — sunscreen and potato salad — the time of year when we root for the home team, and we celebrate this great land of opportunity.

American Flag Over Dallas

At Eisenberg, we can only ever be as good as our people — since we are a service-oriented business — so we’d like to take a star-spangled minute to celebrate our team members.


Liz Kline And NIRI Award

Liz Kline, COO and Head of Account Services, received a 2018-2019 Individual Chapter Leadership Award from The National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI). NIRI Board Chair Ron Parham said, “I would like to thank the many IR professionals and service providers who invest their time and talent to produce our chapter and national programs. Your leadership ensures that NIRI continues to set the standard for investor relations practices.” Liz has been an active NIRI DFW board member for many years, and has established Eisenberg as a leader in IR (investor relations) communications. Way to go, Liz!

View NIRI Press Release


In other summertime news, we’ve expanded our starting roster by scooping up a couple of coveted free agents. E&A continues to grow its digital marketing services with the addition of Scott Combes, our new Head of Digital Marketing. When not boosting SEO or optimizing websites, Scott enjoys craft beers and vinyl records.

Scott Combes and Hamid Hesami


Hamid Hesami brings to our creative team a coveted skill set, as both a talented designer, and a skilled motion graphics artist. Some of Hamid’s favorite summertime activities include watching soccer and training jiu-jitsu.


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We take pride in our people. It may be the “lazy days of summer,” but we always work hard to deliver the award-winning service that our clients deserve.