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Leap Into Technology

For years Eisenberg has been the go-to agency for investor relations. In fact, we’ve just kicked off annual reports for two more clients, Minerals Technologies and PermRock Royalty Trust.


But did you know that clients also trust Eisenberg to deliver completely custom, best-in-class websites?

We are excited to announce the launch of two new sites. Northern Oil and Gas (NOG), the largest publicly traded non-operated energy investment platform, launched their new website (www.noginc.com), complete with a robust investor relations section, developed in partnership with Eisenberg and q4.

Northern Oil and Gas Website

Allied Strategic Partners, based in Dallas, Texas, specialize in marina space investments (www.alliedstrategicpartners.com). Eisenberg developed a site to easily navigate and view all of their properties, complete with a special section for investors to login.

Allied Strategic Partners

Eisenberg worked with Southern Methodist University (SMU) to create their inaugural Provost Report in 2021 and we’ve done the report every year since. For the 2023 report SMU really wanted to push the technology to create a “wow!” factor and taut their transformation in “4D.” The result was a unique augmented reality (AR) experience triggered by the report’s cover that comes to life when viewed through a mobile device.

SMU 2023 Provost Report


Simply scan the QR code with the camera on your smart mobile device and then point your camera at the SMU Provost Report cover (above) to see the “transformative” AR experience.

Eisenberg has long been an industry leader specializing in investor relations and annual reports but for clients looking to take a technological leap and push their digital experiences to the next level Eisenberg is the one to call.