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In With The New

Welcome, Madelyn DeWitt

Eisenberg is proud to welcome to the team new designer Madelyn DeWitt. Madelyn studied at the University of Iowa where she found a passion for visual storytelling. After receiving her BFA in graphic design, Madelyn moved to Dallas to start her design career, where she strives “to create impactful art that conveys complex ideas in a simple way.” Outside of Eisenberg, Madelyn loves coffee, playing with her dog and enjoying her book club.

Madelyn Dewitt

Diesel Dash Trade Show Collateral

Kirby Corporation is a well-established collective of companies supporting the oil and gas services, power generation and transportation industries. Eisenberg has been a trusted marketing partner, working closely on projects for many of its subsidiary companies. Diesel Dash is the premier online destination for genuine OEM diesel engine and transmission parts. Eisenberg developed a trade show booth highlighting Diesel Dash’s online presence and key value propositions — like getting parts fast.

Diesel Dash Pop Up

Distinctive Branding

When Kirby needed branding for two new ventures, they came to Eisenberg. E-daptive is a company that specializes in renewable energy storage systems and S2 Labs is a division of Stewart & Stevenson that is focused on sustainability and innovation.

E-daptive & S2 Logo

New Relationships

We love getting to know new partners and learning all about their businesses. We especially love uncovering key points of differentiation. Eisenberg welcomes new clients Cousins Properties, Dallas Capital Bank, Energy Recovery and Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain Website