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3 Marketing Tips for EDCs ahead of the IEDC Conference

Identify your unique selling points.

CITY OF SACHSE The Sachse EDC wanted to emphasize the pronunciation of their city’s name: “sak-see.” Eisenberg came up with trade show materials to highlight, not only the name, but also key demographic info for prospective developers to “see,” as in, “See how close we are,” and “See retail opportunity.”


Make your messaging memorable.

CITY OF AZLE Need your permitting fast tracked? Absolutely. Looking for prime commercial real estate? Absolutely. The City of Azle wanted to let developers know they are ready for business and that they are an accommodating partner. Eisenberg distilled Azle’s can-do attitude down to a single word, “Absolutely,” and developed a targeted campaign that really gets noticed ­— including an IEDC award-winning website.


Work with marketing experts who understand EDCs.

EISENBERG AND ASSOCIATES We are a creative agency that specializes in results-driven branding, marketing and strategy for EDCs, MDDs and municipalities throughout Texas. We have provided award-winning creative to municipal and corporate clients for over 40 years. When it comes to EDCs, we understand the unique challenges of working with budgets, boards and approvals. Maximize the ROI on your IEDC experience. Let Eisenberg help turn your insights into marketing that works.

Ready to get the most out of your marketing, contact us at Hello@Eisenberginc.com or call us at 214.528.5990.