Torquer Lifting Solutions ( is the global leader in lifting safety and innovation. Torquer has two products, the HALO (Hands-Free Autonomous Load Orientation) that eliminates tag lines workers pull when they need to spin crane loads that are lifted and the SPEAR (Self Positioning Elevate And Release) that allows the lifting and movement of loads by a crane to be automatic, so that workers do not need to be near moving load. Both products are safer, more efficient and faster. Eisenberg developed an integrated digital marketing campaigns for its HALO and SPEAR products to utilize a multi-tiered approach to build brand awareness and generate sales. Potential customers need to utilize cranes for lifting, often in tight conditions in the refinery, chemical plant, heavy industry spaces.

Eisenberg’s campaign for HALO and SPEAR includes LinkedIn, Google Ad Words, Landing pages offering 60-day free trial or electronic brochure, in English, Spanish and Portuguese.