A brand is only a name, a logo, or a mark until it is brought to life through its application across a company’s universe of communications – internally and externally. Eisenberg has worked on hundreds of logos for companies and products over the last 50 years, across industries, from corporate logos to beer logos, from restaurant and store logos to hospital and city identities. We help startups build their brands, and we help long-standing companies refresh their image.

Backyard On 5th Logo
Xela Logo
BCR Solid Solutions Logo
Princeton Texas Logo
Atlas Scrap Metal Logo
Avaxys Logo
Brandt Logo
Butterfly Nationals Logo
Cetraspect Logo
Channel 5 Logo
Chuck E. Cheese's Logo
Cryo Pen Logo
DEJ Productions Logo
DFW Logo
Environmental Remedies Logo
HFC Logo
HVS Logo
I.T. Rescue
Lancaster Logo
McCord Printing Logo
Med Surge Advances Logo
Moore Logo
Operation Jungle Trade Logo
Rogers-O'Brian Logo
Roth Schuster Logo
Saxum Logo
Seven Ships Logo
Silver Spur Special Reserve Logo
Snack Logo
Stages Logo
Storefront Development Logo
Story Garden Productions Logo
Systemware Logo
T Bank Logo
Texo Logo
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Voltaire Logo
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